Hospital and Ram go head to head live for the first time ever!

This is big.¬†This is massive.¬†Two titan labels in drum & bass are set to go head-to-head for the first time in the genre’s history: Ram vs Hospital

We didn’t see it coming… With two entirely disparate sounds, rosters and approaches to the business, there’s been very little traffic or connection between the two labels besides, that is, competing with each other at events such as the Drum&BassArena Awards, that soundclash on 1Xtra a few years back… And now at the final ever Secret Garden Party.

The epic bass battle will take place between July 20-23 in the festival’s gladitorial arena-style Colosillyum. We’re told it’s a strictly one-off affair and they’ve picked some really clever b2b bouts. Well, besides one of them.

Camo vs Krooked

Sub Focus vs Metrik

S.P.Y vs Rene LaVice

Fred V & Grafix vs Culture Shock

NuLogic vs DC Breaks

Chords vs Keeno

Frankee vs Krakota

Yeah, we’d like to see a London Elektricity vs Andy C set on that line up too and no, we’re not sure what the difference between a Camo vs Krooked set and a standard Camo & Krooked set is. Perhaps one will be wearing a Ram t-shirt and the other dusting off a Hospital t-shirt for old times sake?

But come on, we’re pulling hairs here. This is a genuinely exciting and historical event that most of us thought would never happen in our time… And it’s complementary to an already impressive line-up that includes reggae legends Toots & The Maytals, Metronomy, Eats Everything, Jack Master, Craig Richards, Mella Dee and loads more.

Full details about The Secret Garden Party’s last ever bash can be found here and here. See you there.