Internet slams David Guetta

guetta racist

UPDATE: The video has been removed from Facebook

We don’t usually report on David Guetta. He’s not really a UKF thing. But his recent activities are so bizarre that they’re hard to ignore.

First he takes a real life horse into a club. Seriously; an actual animal that’s notoriously scared of loud noises and crowded spaces into a club. He was consequently called out by deadmau5 who rightfully brought the cruel act to the attention of music fans who might not usually check David Guetta’s content.

Now YourEDM have pointed out another flaw in Guetta’s current promotional campaign suggesting that the video disrespects Native American culture.

Not just the appropriation of war bonnets (which does seem to be in decline in general with more and more festivals requesting people not to bring or wear them) but practices, too, as crude displays of ancient traditions are used provocatively to promote his weekly night at Pacha.

We’re not playing the classic internet moral outrage card here. That would be insulting in itself; we’re British so there’s no possible way we can understand how Guetta’s actions must appear to Native Americans. But pillaging any culture’s traditions and practices (especially a culture that’s historically had everything taken away anyway) for cosmetic and promotional purposes does seem totally inappropriate in 2015… Or any year this century really.

It’s the comments that really stand out… Streams and streams of music fans are calling out and lambasting Guetta, broken up by occasional seemingly oblivious tune ID requests. Here’s just a small sample of the extreme comments and reactions he’s received so far:


guetta racist