Is Eminem’s World Record About To Be Broken By D&B MC Harry Shotta?

Harry Shotta Show - Press Shot 1200

Easily the maddest drum & bass story of the week… Renowned jungle MC Harry Shotta has broken Eminem’s World Record for most words in a track.

At present Harry Shotta’s record is unofficial. But the numbers speak for themselves: Eminem’s current record on Rap God is 1560 while Harry Shotta spits out an impressive 1771 on The Harry Shotta Show – Animal.

Currently tickling the top 10 of the UK hip-hop chart, this is a huge look for double-time danger rapper Harry and his partners in crime Phantasy and Dextone… And a really strong look for UK bass music in general. We caught up with Harry briefly to see if he’s confident about Guiness making his record official.

“The process is a long-winded one but we know the word count is more than Eminem and hopefully they’ll recognise that,” he explains.

The story begins at one of the UK’s largest jump-up focused raves Westfest when Shotta’s DJ Phantasy chopped up Eminem’s current world record holding Rap God with Shotta’s own lyrics.

“We did it live and it worked really well then Phantasy sent me a beat at the same BPM, I started to write to it and remembered the reaction of the Westfest,” says Shotta. “I wanted it to be the exact length of Rap God and, just for a personal challenge, I wanted to see if I could get anywhere close to his word count.”

Smashing Eminem’s current record by over 200 words, he succeeded. But this isn’t some 8 Mile style battle beef game, it’s Shotta taking UK MCing to the highest level he can.

“No disrespect to Eminem at all!” he laughs. “This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun. A lot of our fans have been tweeting him, we’ve had Radio 1 play and loads of support on Radio 1Xtra… It’s gone mental this week so I’m sure someone in his camp will know. I hope he likes the track and appreciates what we’ve done. It’s all about the art of MCing and pushing it to the next level.”

UK fans and the D&B community, in which Harry, Phantasy and Dextone have made their name, should be really proud of this one. Let’s compare Animal and Rap God and hope Guiness make this record official very soon…

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5 thoughts on “Is Eminem’s World Record About To Be Broken By D&B MC Harry Shotta?”

  • It’s good and pretty impressive but as a song it’s really not as good as Rap God. The beat is just as simplistic and unlike Rap God there’s no hook to break up the song and Shotta’s voice gets incredibly monotonous imo.

  • ‘Tis a cool song, but a song’s word count is not necessarily indicative of superiority. And if you want to talk about speed… In the verse that begins at 4:26, Eminem raps 97 words in 15 seconds (an average of 6.5 words per second), more WPS than any single verse in Animal… With a superior flow IMO. Not to mention that Eminem’s song has two minutes of chorus, which Shotta’s doesn’t so he could fill those 120 seconds with more words.

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