Ivy Lab Announce 20/20 LDN Volume 2 album


November 25: Exactly a year after they delivered their debut album 20/20 LDN Volume 1, Ivy Lab are set to drop a second volume – 20/20 LDN Volume 2.

This time they’re rolling even deeper. Reflecting the wider scope of their 20/20 LDN club/label platform, this time the album will feature a host of their peers and pals: Deft, Fixate, Sinistarr, Havelock, Fracture and many more.

“Cover all corners of the 20/20 genre-pool and drop a killer various artists LP once a year – that was always the plan,” the trio state collectively. “We’ve taken the bounciest cuts from the Ivy Lab vaults and paired them with the choicest picks from our in-house acts, some untapped talent, and guest appearances from artists that boast a lineage ranging from Teklife to Exit to Soul:ection to Project Mooncircle. These guest features are some of the most exciting we’ve had the pleasure to commission. The V/A LP format is the ideal (and perhaps the only) canvas to bring such a broad church together.”

The church has never been broader as the exciting beats/halftime/footwork/bass sound continues to expand and develop in different ways across the world. In fact 20/20 LDN Volume 2 is one of the first times such an international collective has been present on one body of work. Amid gully rumps from the trio themselves (including a riotous VIP of last year’s massive Shamrock) artists rep the USA (Sinistarr), Denmark (Shield), Russia (Mr Frenkie) and France (Phazz) as well as a heavy presence of UK darkness.

Yet as broad as all that sounds, the album’s consistency is as smooth and as on point as you’d expect from Sabre, Stray and Halogenix both in terms of selection and arrangement. A sharper document of one of D&B/bass music’s most interesting diversions in years will be hard to find this season.

Here’s the first taste: the walloping Holon by Deft

The full 14 tracks will be released into the wild on November 25 and celebrated with a launch at Phonox, London on the same date. Event details. Full tracklist…

01. Deft – Holon
02. Ivy Lab – Ghee Butter
03. Fixate – Rickety Cricket
04. Sinistarr – #accidentaldeathing
05. Ivy Lab – Shamrock VIP
06. Havelock – Badbwoysound feat Ivy Lab
07. Balatron – Poseidon
08. Ivy Lab – Socket
09. Phazz – Caution
10. Shield – Slang feat Ivy Lab
11. Fracture – Give It To Me
12. Havelock – Untitled Brock
13. Mr  Frenkie – Attrakt
14. Ivy Lab – Kalimba (Shorty Bend it Over)
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