Karma Joins Shogun Audio


This week is beginning to look like the FA transfer window: yesterday we got the drop on Maduk signing exclusively to Hospital. Today we’ve secured firm word from CYN alumni Karma who has just signed on the dotted line with Shogun Audio.

Having already appeared on Shogun’s rather delectable Point Of Origin collection with the jaw-breaking Saturation Point and slick, somnambulant lullaby-licious Sleepless Nights, Karma is now about to initiate next level status with his October 9-released single: The Searching / Dance.

Karma is no stranger to UKF – we presented his debut releases two years ago – and it turns out his new single is the result of a self-imposed year-long hiatus from releasing as he focused on perfecting his sound and technique…

“I was really proud of those tracks going up on UKF!” he exclaims. “But I was never happy with the level of things I was doing. The benchmark is so high that I felt the only way I could really make proper progress is stop thinking about releases and really work on perfecting my production. I wasn’t happy with my sound and mixdowns and everything. I really wanted to take it to the next level and hit that established benchmark.”

Explaining how he invested all his time and treated his production perfection quest as a day job, Karma took a huge risk…. But it’s a risk he felt he had to take if he was going to make it in a very crowded, noisy scene.

“I’m an all-or-nothing type of man,” he laughs. “I knew I needed to put hours in to make it. It’s been difficult, money has been low, but it’s starting to pay off now. No one wants to hear half-assed tunes do they?”

Amen to that. With the close tutelage of Friction in his A&R capacity, Karma has ensured his productions are at their very best. For example, The Searching – featuring erstwhile contestant from The Voice Emmy J Mac – started life last October and has gone through many phases and stages in between.

“Friction’s been working with me as an A&R since last year,” explains Karma. “He’s been really helpful in terms of directing me and focussing my technique. The main thing I’ve had to accept is that I’ll never be happy with my productions and most artists aren’t. That’s why we keep at it and keep on pushing ourselves, right?”

With a clear ability to carve up the dance with both soulful and savage clarity, Karma continues to push himself and is now fully focused on releases. Keep Karma and Shogun Audio locked for future developments.

Karma – The Searching / Dance is out October 9 on Shogun Audio. Pre-order