Kemal has released his first D&B track in over 15 years: Parabola

Following his return last year, drum & bass pioneer Kemal has released his first solo drum & bass production in 15 years – Parabola.

First aired on his Fantasy FM comeback mix late last summer, and hitting with some fierce and tense techno elements, Parabola comes complete with two other tracks: A remastered version of Kemal & Rob Data’s momentous 2001 blunderbuss Konspiracy and an unreleased – and never even played out – solo Kemal track, The Ascent, a tense string-led jazzy creeper straight out of 2002.

“It was basically just sitting there on a dusty hard drive until last month,” Kemal explains to us. “To my knowledge it was never played out.”

Who knows how many more unreleased / never-before-heard tracks the duo previously known as Konflict have stashed away together and individually? One thing is certain; these releases are an ongoing and monthly concern for the hugely influential pair.

“Rob and I are looking at our back catalogue and will remaster and remix some of it,” Kemal explained to us last month in his first interview since returning to the scene he departed from at the peak of his career in 2004.

These releases will drop monthly, so far we’ve seen the re-release of Star Trails (complete with a Synergy remix) and The Mummy. This month’s release is the second in the series and Parabola is a hint at the expect-the-unexpected dispatches we can expect from Kemal’s new solo output. “My heart is in pushing the boundaries,” he told us. “And how that will sound is unknown at this stage…”

If you missed it last month, read Kemal’s full comeback interview here. And check the full release below and on Bandcamp. Additional shouts to Billain, too – he did the artwork! We’re intrigued to hear what comes next…