Kenny Ken will finally go B2B with Kenny Ken this summer

High Rankin’s prophecy has become reality. The days of Raveagedddon are upon us. Kenny Ken will finally go back to back with himself this summer at MADE festival, Sandwell Valley Park, Birmingham on August 1.

Sounds like an April fools gag but actually real: the festival announced the exclusive headline booking for the festival’s Weird Science stage this morning explaining that they’ve been working on a plan on how to present this unique one man B2B and that “all will be revealed on the day.”

Kenny has previously been billed by a Bristol event as playing B2B with himself in the past but more for novelty purposes, however the event promises that this will be another level. Kenny – a fan of High Rankin’s now legendary 2012 parody – seems excited by the booking, too.

“Lots of people mention it,” he tells us. “When it was first released the guy who made it thought I was pissed off about it, so to prove that I actually thought it was very funny I had to get someone to video me watching it. It’s always made me laugh, so when MADE Festival asked if I would be up for actually bringing it to life I had to say yes. I’m really looking forward to it and seeing the reaction.”

Kenny will be joined by local legends The Streets plus Wilkinson, High Contrast, Hybrid Minds, Shy FX, Holy Goof, Darkly, Bru-C, Flava D, SASASAS and many more. MADE have just announced their phase two line-up which includes the likes of Bou, K Motionz, Bassboy, Darkzy, A.M.C & Turno and Ray Keith (sadly he won’t be face painting) The full line-up can be checked in all it’s multi-genre glory on their Facebook. They have yet to confirm Laser Quest with Andy C  but Kenny Mix & Blend Ken can B2B himself then anything is possible in the 2020s.

For more details visit MADE Festival’s website