Kill Paris responds to recent terrorist attacks in France

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The world is awash with tragic atrocities in 2015.

The terrible events in Paris on Friday night, November 13, were the latest in a long line of harrowing incidents this year. While many of us were enjoying our freedom in whatever we chose, 129 innocent people lost their lives in the French capital.

We awoke on Saturday to a sad, confused and scared world, everyone responding in their own way, mourning, questioning, sharing love and thoughts and trying find sense in what appears to be in a world that gets crazier and scarier by the day.

Corey Baker, the artist we’ve known and respected for a long time as Kill Paris, responded in his own way: changing his artist name with a heartfelt explanation as to why.

No one would ever point any moral finger at him for having such an artist name; he picked it years ago and could never have predicted what the future would hold. He also picked the name because it stands for something and has a certain amount of depth that reflected his spirit both creatively and personally (although we thought it was inspired by another person called Paris) However he felt he could no longer operate under the name Kill Paris so made the decision to change to it Chill Harris by way of a Facebook announcement on Saturday.

“While there is tragedy everywhere, every day, and every person has their own, the events in Paris yesterday have made me feel that my name as an artist is not appropriate anymore. What my music stands for is love and peace, and I hope my fans know that. Moving forward, I do not want people to get the wrong idea about me and my music just because I’ve gone under a particular pseudonym. I am dropping my old moniker and will now use the name Chill Harris.”

We respect that. In fact by changing his name he ensures the terrible events that happened on Friday night will not be forgotten by his fans.  His final point is the most important, however: if you want to help, find out how.

Here’s his full statement from his Facebook page. Our deepest thoughts are with the families who have suffered from the events on Friday night.


chill harris