Kimyan Law reveals new label and release

The enigmatic Congolese/Austrian artist Kimyan Law returns this week with his first release since 2019.

A new concept, delivered on a brand-new label of his own – [+ + +], pronounced Plus Plus Plus Music – the first single Taproot is released this week and will build up to a full EP entitled Xylo, which drops on May 27. More EPs are expected to follow throughout the year as he continues to map out, and draw us into, his unique musical universe that’s already three albums deep.

“After all these years, I’ve revisited what I’ve done, my previous works,” he explains. “I feel like now I want to focus on the pillars of the world I am mapping out. Now I want to give you more of a detailed view.”

If you’re new to Kimyan Law’s output, or need to refresh on his approach, our previous interview with him is still relevant and worth reading. Speaking around the release of his last album Yonda he explains about the con-language he’s invented (and has previously sung in on the song Kilele) and how his works so far have been “a manifestation of everything that’s affected” him. These new releases continue and expand upon that.

“I have a better understanding of who I am as a human now,” says the 25 year-old artist. “I can focus on many more things. Yonda was important for me to make and put out and put a lid on. It was important for my spiritual journey. To put it another way; that mountain you see on the cover of Yonda, I am now on the other side of it.”

Since the release of Yonda (parts of which were three years in the making), Kimyan’s been able to revisit his second home and his Congolese family for the first time in over 10 years, having been unable to due to ongoing conflict in the country.

Reconnecting with his roots for the first time as an adult has had a major influence on him. It’s inspired his artistic vision and approach, setting the foundation for what he describes as the most productive and inspired period he’s ever had creatively. While he may have seemed quiet on the release front for the last 18 months, we’re about to enjoy the fruits of this new chapter as he reveals more specifics about his music world and the people who live in it. It starts on the Xylo EP with an introduction to one of four tribes; the woodland tribe.

“This tribe is impeccable at woodwork, perfected from living in the great forests. They’re very fit, lean and masters of plant based healing,” explains Kimyan who reflects this in the music and the instruments and sounds as well as titles and themes. “A lot of elements I use sonically on the EP are wood based, too.”

The introductions begin with Taproot, which is out now. The rest of the EP will be revealed over the coming weeks. More will follow as Kimyan introduces us to more tribes and more lore from his world. “It’s not a hyper futuristic world, neither is it a world from 5000 years ago,” he explains. “It’s a parallel with what we find ourselves in now. It’s something to imagine and dive into. Something that isn’t about money or celebrity or the many other distractions and disconnections we have in the world right now.”

Total escapism but articulated and delivered in Kimyan Law’s inimitable way; this is an exciting new chapter for the intriguing producer and multi-instrumentalist. Taproot is out now, look out for more very soon.

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