Kinphonic announce We Are Kin Vol 2

Since launching just over two years ago, Kinphonic have been grafting away in the shadows of bass, building their global collective.

Two labels (Kinphonic and Kinfree), bookings, management and a crew that comprises some of the most exciting names in the modern day no-rules bass game; Kinphonic includes the likes of Fox Stevenson, Stereoliez, Droptek, The Brig, Chime, Rob Gasser and Sonny Banks among its ranks. They launched March 2015 with their seismic statement of intent We Are Kin Vol 1, an eight track album that set the boundary-free, limitless remit. And next week, July 26, they’ll follow it up with the even bigger We Are Kin Vol 2.

Kinphonic’s broadest and boldest collection to date, We Are Kin Vol 2 leaves no stone un-turned as the likes of Fox Stevenson, Razat, Wiguez, Gioser, Rob Gasser, Sonny Banks, Stereoliez, Erotic Cafe and many more reflect bass music’s state of health. Fox Stevenson’s Funky Uncle and Sonny Banks Bad Boy should give you an idea of just how freeform and inventive the album is…

Every bass style is explored across the 13 tracks; from savage grunting bass house such as Gioser’s Action to the experimental abyssal wobbles of Razat’s D Deep via Stereoliez’ electric synth-struck dubstep Solidified and haunted drum & bass from Wiguez, We Are Kin Vol 2 establishes the young collective on a level they’ve only hinted at previously. A sharp, shocking sonic snapshot of the future for both Kinphonic and bass music at large, it’s released on July 26 and you can pre-order it now.

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We Are Kin Vol 2 Tracklist

1. Fox Stevenson – Funky Uncle

2. Sonny Banks – Bad Boy

3. Stereoliez – Solidified (ft. Armanni Reign ThugforLess)

4. GIOSER – Action

5. Eluun – Dream Eater (Ft. Backchat)

6. La Musique D’Ordinateur – Low

7. Erotic Cafe’ La Musique D’Ordinateur – Back In It

8. High Beggars – Alluma

9. Rob Gasser – HYPEMACHINE

10. Madeforme – Things

11. Razat – D Deep

12. Wiguez – Nine Roses

13. Wydron – Distorted Minds