xKore’s Kinphonic collective to launch new label with heavyweight eight track EP


UK bass merchant xKore has confirmed that his Kinphonic artist agency will develop an exciting new label operation on March 31.

The label will launch with a serious statement of intent, We Are Kin Vol.1: a genre-blurring eight track compilation EP featuring some of the most talented newcomers to all corners of bass music in recent years… Fox Stevenson, The Brig, Kredo, Rob Gasser, Stereoliez, Tisoki, Jarvis, Re:Flex and xKore himself. We lit the launch touch paper last week with xKore’s insane Blood Rave…

“It kind of became apparent to us that a lot of electronic music labels these days are machines and don’t really have a reason to be too invested in an artist,” states xKore. “Coming from the background that we do, and being more involved in the bigger picture for artists, we felt like we could contribute a new perspective in releasing music in that respect.

“We also saw that most electronic music labels these days try and push artists to conform to the label’s brand, when we thought that it should be the other way round. We set out to push quality music, in the artists vision, and we hope that translates into not only better music for fans, but a whole better experience altogether.”

In a nutshell: expect concentrated creativity and a refusal to resort to any established or perceived type. Explaining how Kinphonic refers to the artist roster’s like-minded collective mind-set, xKore is keen to highlight the broader family who are set to be supported on the new label in the near future…

“Not featured on the compilation, but no less remarkable, are Visionaire, Noisestorm, Tut Tut Child, Droptek and Konec,” he states. “They make up the current collective, whose music we are really into and excited to work with.”

Beyond March 31, Kinphonic promise to roll out a series of monthly EPs and artist-focused singles.

“We actually have a lot already planned from the artists on our roster and some guests,” he explains. “It’s too early to go into specifics, but we’re really happy with the quality and variety of these next releases we have planned.”

We’re happy to be hearing it. Watch out for the label launch on March 31 and keep the label locked for future announcements.

Kin For The Win