KJ Sawka launches new label: Impossible Records

kj dj head

Not content with being a DJ, producer and one of electronic music’s most prolific and in-demand drummers, KJ Sawka is now set to add label owner to his string of roles and responsibilities as he launches Impossible Records on Thursday May 7.

Famed for his uncompromising tub-thumping and endless touring work with both Pendulum and Destroid, KJ will launch Impossible Records with a turbo-charged remix of Seattle band The Crying Spell… A band who actually switched him on to bass music 15 years ago!

Armed with a hooky vocal and toxic drop, it goes a little something like this….

We sent him a few questions to see what’s popping….

Why set up a label right at this moment in time? 

One of my many mottos is ‘the time is now’.  So with eight songs and four remixes done and ready to release I decided it was the perfect time.

What’s up with the label name? I’ve been brought up to believe nothing is impossible…

When I started drumming drum and bass rhythms and tempos people couldn’t believe what they were seeing or hearing. I would show my demos to people and they wouldn’t believe that I played the beats live or even produced the music.

I too am a believer in nothing is impossible.  And this is the main basis for the name.  I’m bringing what people have thought to be impossible, possible.  I believe that anyone can do anything and let no one tell you that it’s impossible or you can’t do it. I’ve always been a motivator and life coach.  Impossible Records is not just a music label, but a way of life.

It’s quite a personal release isn’t it? The drummer and singer from The Crying Spell got you into electronic music, right?

I was about 17 or 18 years old, recording a record with my rock band UmmaGumma.  After tracking we came by the next day to start the mixdown process when I noticed another bands gear setup in the live room. They had synthesizers and electronic drums and I could only think that they played drum and bass.  At that time I just started hearing electronic music, my mind engulfed and fully entranced by the dance rhythms.

Chase (the drummer) and Len (the singer) came in and we talked about electronic music. Then I sat behind the kit and began to rock out to some of Chase’s amen jungle sounds he cut up and loaded on his ekit. That blew my mind, being able to play those samples I was trying so hard to mimic with my acoustic drum kit at home. Then Len sang through some vocal effect boxes and that blew my mind some more.  For the first time I saw how to reverse engineer electronic music and play it live. Shorty after that I started producing.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun making this remix. The drop is ruthless! 

I did have loads of fun making the remix. The song is quite different from anything I would typically listen to or remix, but when the chorus kicked in I started singing along and humming it for the rest of the day.  That’s when I knew I needed to remix it. With many of my new tunes, they started out as potential Destroid tunes, (hence the heavy ass drop), then went in a different direction.  That happens a lot in my creation process.  I go for something specific then out of nowhere, like a bull douser it turns into something completely different.  For me, that’s the magic.

Anything else anyone needs to know about Impossible Records at this stage? 

Yes. Impossible Records is my epicenter of creativity.  It’s the outlet I’ve been searching for, for years. There are no boundaries or rules, only to excel to be the very best myself and others can be with creation and art. Limitless. I strive to be just and be a humanitarian. This label is about giving back and not taking. Impossible Records is not just a music label but a way of life.

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