Klute announces new album: Whatever It Takes

Photography: Lucienne Sencier


Klute will release his new album Whatever It Takes on October 25 2019.

14 tracks deep, fully instrumental and landing two and a half years after his last album Read Between The Lines, Whatever It Takes will be Klute’s ninth studio album and marks 21 years since his debut album Casual Bodies.

“With so much going on in the world and all the noise created by a growing ‘instant culture’ I felt compelled to retreat into my own imagination and write individual chapters in melody and rhythm as a form of distraction and personal remedy,” explains Klute, AKA Commercial Suicide bossman Tom Withers. “Early on in the process I made a conscious decision to make a wholly solo and instrumental record – the first time since my debut Casual Bodies in 1998”.

“There’s something powerful in the mystique and imagination of music,” continues Klute who was once compared to Debussy by Keeno on this site. “Closing your eyes and letting your mind and body loose to create its own visions. I feel that there is a lot of ‘surface’ music around at the moment that physically dictates what you are supposed to feel. The music I love the most, the music that stays with me the longest, is always the stuff that enters my subconscious state.”

Whatever It Takes will enter your subconscious state by way of Klute’s unique signature melting pot: Starting off with drum & bass, as the album progresses he takes us deeper into his bewitching brew and the second half of the album is pure house and techno with the finale waving us adieu on an ambient note. Fittingly it’s titled Have A Wonderful Time. Something you’re likely to have when you listen to the album in the way he intended.

Out October 25 on Commercial Suicide, Whatever It Takes is available to pre-order today.

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