Koven soundtrack £2.7 million Jägermeister commercial


Tonight a brand new Koven track will be unleashed across UK television networks.

It won’t be a lazer-bending D&B anthem like Pessimist.

It won’t be a smouldering emotional dubstep track like Another Home.

It will be a 30 second orchestral score for the new Jägermeister commercial and it will soundtrack the short story of a group of mates building a massive 14 metre high stag (as you do). Jägermeister have invested £2.7 million on it and they aim to reach a staggering (pun intended) 66% of 18-34 year old UK men during its two month broadcast run.

Scored by Koven’s Max Rowat and performed by an eight-piece orchestra and grand piano player at London’s Angel Studios, this is a huge look for Koven who only released their debut EP last year and have only been active professionally for four years since their debut upload on UKF in December 2011.
For Max, working with an orchestra has been a dream come true.

We’re stoked for them, too. UKF has been supporting Koven since their earliest incarnation and it’s amazing to see artists develop in this way… And see big brands like Jägermeister have faith in bass music artists to create soundtracks for big budget commercial campaigns.

While the end score is only 30 seconds, we can confirm that Koven will be releasing the full orchestral track in the next few weeks. We caught up with Max to find out more….

Congrats! How did you feel when you were asked to do this?

Thank you. Yeah we were delighted, I’ve personally always had a huge interest in writing music to accompany visuals and we’ve never really had a chance to do it, so I’m really appreciative of Jager for giving us this opportunity.

Are you guys fans of the odd cheeky (and sensible) Jager anyway?

Yeah of course we are. Although, I think I’ve calmed down a tiny bit with the jager recently compared to the past couple of years. But I still collect every bottle of Jager we buy or get given at a show and put them around them flat.

Actually, this Christmas I’m working on a recipe for Jager cooked ham. I cooked Cherry Coke ham last Christmas which worked very well, and I have a feeling cooking it with Jager would work too.

Did you start with a totally blank canvas or did you have ideas that worked well with this that you could utilise for the project?

We first sent the advertisement team about 9 demo’s that we had started from scratch that were made from a written brief before we had seen the visuals for the advert.

Once we were sent the visuals, we had a better understanding of the finder details needed to expand of the uplifting and positive vibe. So we started on two completely new demos which tried to encapsulate those emotions. And thankfully one of the demo’s was picked.

Is this the first time you’ve worked with an orchestra? And, if so, how did you find it?

Yes it was the first time, and it was a great experience. We use a lot of orchestral sounds in our tracks, so I’ve been constantly searching for the best possible sample libraries for strings/horns/winds etc, but once you hear your piece played with real instruments, you never want to go back to Kontakt sample libraries again. But we’ll keep on trying to get as realistic orchestral sounds as possible, but if we have another opportunity to record with an orchestra, we’ll jump on it!

Had the musicians heard any Koven material before?

Unfortunately we didn’t have a proper opportunity to meet them all. They were so on point and professional with everything which made the whole recording process go by so quickly, that they were in and out the live room within 30 minutes. They hadn’t even seen the sheet music before coming. They just sat down, saw the sheet of music, and played it without rehearsing.

What is the main difference your approach to writing something for this type of purpose compared to writing for performance?

I think structure and mix down is a big difference between the two. We don’t have to worry about whether the whole track is loud enough so it sits well with other tracks if a DJ plays it out. This creates a lot more space in the mix to add a tonne more elements and detail. Also structure wise, we’re free to do as we please. We’re not obliged to have a ‘drop’ in the track at all, or 16 bars of intro.

When can we expect to hear the full 3 minute version?

Hopefully within the next week or two. We had the basic layout and structure sorted but couldn’t commit further than that until we had all the stems from audio recordings from Angel which look place last Tuesday. The advertising world moves so quickly!

The brand slogan is Craft The Moment… When – besides this particular project obviously – did you last feel you really crafted the moment?

Probably whilst working on our last EP Sometimes We Are. We had a similar piece of music that we’d written that didn’t really fit into a genre but we all loved the track progression. This is one of the moments where Katie really shines and turned this piece of that wasn’t really sure of itself into now what is our track Lasting. I guess this moment fits your question the best.