Koven to open their own virtual club: Another Home

Hot on the heels of their remarkable debut album Butterfly Effect in March, UK duo Koven are set to provide yet another forward-thinking and impressive lockdown tonic this month: Another Home, their own completely unique virtual venue.

Inspired by world class venues they’ve toured at over the last few years, named after the first song they wrote together, and built using Sansar (the same platform created by the makers of Second Life), Another Home is a fully immersive and interactive digital raving space boasting all kinds of details you’d expect from a real life venue such bars, merch stalls and even its own recording studio. Most importantly, it has a dancefloor and a stage where acts will perform exclusive live shows, and it kicks off with a live show from Koven themselves.  

“At the start of the year we would never have thought we’d be creating our own virtual club In order to launch the release of our album – but here we are,” they state. “2020 is a strange one but we’ve been lucky enough create this insane space people can come together to enjoy music! We are all alittle more heart broken every new announcement about another event being cancelled, and although nothing can replace those moments we create in real life we think we’ve made the closest thing to it.”

Dates and times have yet to be revealed, but the venue will launch with a show from Koven and will roll-out to feature many more leading electronic acts throughout May and beyond.

Each live show at Another Home will be performed various times throughout the day to accomodate different timezones and all billed acts will be represented by their own custom made realistic avatar. The show can either be streamed via Twitch for free or can be fully explored from within as a ticketed event through Sansar which can be accessed through Steam or direct from Sansar’s website.

All proceeds of tickets sold will go direct to the acts performing and the event organisers. With both the Association Of Independent Festivals and UK Live Music organisation warning that over 80% of their members are in critical financial situations and that it could take up to five years for the industry to recover from the effects of the lockdown, ideas such as Another Home are an exciting example of how the electronic music industry is reacting to the crisis and embracing technology to help create solutions.

Join them for Koven’s launch and stay tuned for more event details in the near future. Sign up for more details.

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