Krewella Fight Back!

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Haters gonna hate….

Not if Krewella’s Jahan Yousaf has anything to do with it.

Last night Billboard posted one of the best op-ed pieces any electronic musician has ever put their mind to writing. Served up with the dramatic, sarcastic headline ‘Deadmau5 saved me from going into porn‘, Jahan not only clarifies her and his sister Yasmine’s position in the band’s recent break-up and legal wrangles with past member Kris Trindl, but, much more importantly, develops the discussion of how females are represented in EDM… And the role social media plays in this.

Highlighting the caustic commentary the sisters have received – from both music fans and music makers – she asks emphatically  for “everyone to think about the impact this unwelcoming online environment has on our youth wanting success, respect and acceptance.”

That’s just the tip of her heartfelt iceberg. Further on-point observations include…

“If you think I am bringing up societal problems of the past or blowing this out of proportion, then you are living in a fantasy world where sexism, discrimination and homophobia don’t exist.”


My analysis of the public reaction is a wake-up call that there is still a stigma associated with being a woman: that I am a conspiring and manipulative free-loader who doesn’t work as hard or is as talented as a man- and that I use sex to advance my career. The pressure not to confirm stereotypes can affect a women’s performance and her ability to succeed. The fear of being doubted, questioned and shamed, and battling derogatory assumptions about one’s character, is a contingency that may very well be the reason we don’t see more women with higher, powerful positions in the workforce.

Whatever your thoughts are on the band’s meteoric, divisive and currently litigated rise to the very top of EDM’s premiere league, Jahan delivers some deep thought about the industry, the internet and the social culture around both. It’s an essential read.

Check the whole thing on Billboard here.