Let It Roll launch Top100DNB

UPDATE: The result have been announced!

Your all-time favourite drum & bass tunes? Pick five.

This is our mission should we choose to accept it.

It’s been set by Let It Roll in a quest to discover the 100 most popular and definitive tunes of all time in our genre… And it’s a mission especially worth accepting if you fancy a chance of winning tickets to the festival this year.

Besides the devilish process of deducing your favourites down to a mere five, the mission is simple: visit the Top100DNB website and enter the tracks by June 10, then sit back and watch the entire online drum & bass community bicker about it for years to come (especially the fans who didn’t vote themselves)

The rules are simple too; any tracks or remixes from any era and subgenre are eligible for votes just as long as they’ve been officially released. That’s literally it. Let It Roll will also pick 10 voters to win tickets and merchandise.

Besides annual awards such as the Drum&BassArena Awards, which only asks the public for their favourite tune that year, a survey of this kind has never really happened in drum & bass. Certainly not at this scale by one of the biggest and most renowned event brands in the genre. The results are guaranteed to be interesting however they shape up.

As the site states, Top100DNB is a quest to find “the ultimate drum & bass tune. The tune that captures the essence and unique magic of this genre like no other. The tune that categorically screams THIS IS DRUM & BASS MATE!”

What are you waiting for mate? The Top100DNB will be announced at the festival between August 1 – 3 and the top 10 will be revealed with a unique audio / visual show on one of the mainstages. Enter your favourites in the Top100DNB Hall Of Fame before June 10.

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