Let It Roll announce label takeovers for 2017


2016 and all its divisive politics and seemingly surplus stocks of dying cool people can politely do one. 2017 is weeks away and the prospect of a fresh new year can’t come soon enough. Especially now Czech motherfest Let It Roll have confirmed who’ll be curating the programme for their flagship 2017 summer festival.

Without any build up or pretence, last night the festival casually dropped the epic roll-call of labels who’ll be hosting stages and arenas next summer between August 3-6 in a disused military base 30 minutes outside Prague… And it’s looking sick.

The announcement came on Facebook via a teasingly drawn-out video of a game of pairs. Watch it and read these names in this order before they pull up the cards so you can feel like some visionary line-up conjuring wizard for two minutes of your life…

Mayan Audio, Ram, Hospital, Symmetry, Titan, Prspct, Dispatch, Shogun Audio, Forbidden Society, Big Riddim & Kinetik, Med School, Eat Brain, AudioPorn and Critical 

From established labels who’ve smashed Let It Roll to pieces over the years (Ram, Titan, Hospital, Eatbrain) to labels who’ve yet to represent an arena at the world’s largest D&B-exclusive three day festival, this list is as good as an artist line-up. From these 14 names you know that the range of talent guarantees to reflect the genre’s widest poles and provide a rich soundtrack for fans from all corners of D&B…

From the deeper soul of Symmetry to heavier hardcore of Prspct, the uncompromised extremes of Forbidden Society to unabashed experimentalism of Med School by way of longstanding scene bastions Dispatch and Critical and loads more, even without any DJs confirmed it’s clear Let It Roll is going all-out to represent the full spectrum of the scene. And we thought this year’s Let It Roll was a banger.

Seriously… 2017 can’t come soon enough.

1st release tickets to Let It Roll Summer 2017 are available here.

Keep your eyes on Let It Roll’s Facebook for more revelations.