LFO for UK Christmas number one!


Regardless of how little the mainstream charts reflect your own personal taste and passions in music, the Christmas number one is something of a UK tradition: Guaranteed to get people talking and divide opinions, in recent years campaigning for the festive number one spot has been a great vehicle to make a statement.

This feather-ruffling culture of bucking the general consensus can be traced back to 2009 when Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name Of smashed the festive top spot as a statement against the commercial behemoth that is The X Factor. It was a huge success that led to an array of censored beeps covering the track’s grand shouty, sweary salvo on every broadcast.

Five years later and there’s a wealth of campaigns in action with everyone bidding for different top spot kings; names such as Iron Maiden and Tinchy Styder & The Chuckle Brothers are being thrown around for this year’s Christmas number one, but for anyone who’s interested in electronic music there’s one clear favourite: LFO by LFO.

Set up as a way of respecting the influence and legacy of LFO’s Mark Bell who sadly died in October aged only 43, the campaign has since been backed by likes of The Prodigy, the Ragga Twins, Skream, Eats Everything and many more key figures. Originally released 24 years ago, LFO’s LFO was last seen hogging the number 12 spot in July 1990. It goes a little something like this…

Campaign founder Ian Roullier was interviewed by the Official Charts website about his mission…

“When news that Mark Bell of LFO had sadly passed away in October, I was gutted. While I never met Mark, I have always been a massive fan of his music and LFO and their Frequencies album expanded my musical horizons massively as a teenager. As soon as I heard about Mark’s death, I decided to listen to LFO’s Frequencies album, which to many people’s minds stands as one of the very first classic electronic music albums. I thought about how Mark’s life and his huge contribution to electronic music could be marked and the idea of trying to get LFO by LFO to Christmas number one as a tribute to him came into my head.”

You can read the whole interview here. Much more importantly, though, you can download the single here…

Google play:
HMV digital:
Juno (download track 5 only and not the full album):
iTunes (download track 5 only and not the full album):

This year streaming on Spotify and Deezer is also included in the final chart positions, with every 100 streams counts as one sale.

Whether you’ve only just come into electronic music, you’ve been following it since back in the day or somewhere in between, we guarantee you will have heard and experienced Mark Bell’s influence in one way or another. LFO helped dig rave’s deepest foundations and have influenced everything that’s followed, from techno to dubstep and beyond. Making LFO – LFO Christmas number one is a fitting tribute to one of electronic music’s true pioneers.

PLUS – the UK has never ever had a proper dance music Christmas number one! This year we’ve enjoyed two drum & bass top spots thanks to Sigma, let’s end it on a high by returning to the source and mark our respects to Mark Bell.

All downloads between now and Saturday December 20 will be counted. For further details check the campaign’s Facebook page. Let’s make this happen!