Listen: Andy C – Essential Mix 2019

© Photography by Jake Davis (


The opening salvo ignites with a heady twist up including Capone’s Massive and Skantia’s highly anticipated remix of Bassline Secret. The closing salute features a mad blend of Chase & Status’s Retreat, Roni Size’s Bonanza Kid and Digital’s Deadline. The two hours between feature every style and era of tune worth giving a monkeys about, mixed in an unmistakable, wildly energetic way.

It can only be Andy C’s Essential Mix.

Recorded during his XOYO season with Tonn Piper on mic duties, it was broadcast in the early hours of Saturday morning and it absolutely bashes. Andy’s fourth Essential Mix in total, and his first full two hour mix since 2005, it’s the first drum & bass Essential Mix of the year and if it doesn’t give you the kickstart you need this week then you blatantly overdid it on the weekend.

Capturing the intensity and chaos of his XOYO nights perfectly, the mix is a dizzying blur that refuses to sit still and brazenly includes seminal anthems such as Metropolis and Messiah within the first 10 minutes. Indulge yourself while you can: it’s on the BBC iPlayer for the whole of June (and will no doubt be found elsewhere online)

For added context, on the XOYO night this mix was largely recorded, D&BTV went on the road with Andy… This is where he was at just hours before the mix was recorded and sheds a little light on how he prepares for sets like these. If we saluted any harder our arms would fall off.