Listen: Flume Essential Mix


Kickstart your week in sonic style with the debut Flume Essential Mix.

Stepping up to the hallowed BBC Essential Mix hall of fame, Flume has laid down two hours of crisp futurism. Not only does it span his own repertoire from straight up Flume classics (What About Us) to various previously unheard IDs by way of a very cheeky Beyonce edit, it also includes tracks from artists as far flung as JME to Amon Tobin to Matthew Herbert and Oxia. With strong shards of twisted, fractured bass throughout (especially the closing salvo from Losco), it joins some seemingly disparate dots with deep space clarity.

It’s been a great year for Essential Mixes. For more marathon BBC mix immersion, Nero’s opus is still live on the BBC website, too.

Flume Essential Mix

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