Listen: Hatcha goes DEEP on Boiler Room


Dubstep bastion and original pioneer Hatcha has just delivered a walloping deep session on Boiler Room with a positive statement of intent: “I’m playing dubstep, actual dubstep again, and I love it.”

Business as usual for the Rinse broadcaster and Hatched bossman who was last spotted on UKF last November with a similar statement on dubstep’s state of health. Explaining frankly on Boiler Room that “for a year or two, it was just too easy, it was all square and predictable, you didn’t have to have a good ear, just have all the big tunes and hit the button at the right time,” he’s identified a growing trend in the more roots-based, deeper sound… And he’s a massive fan.

“You know what? When I’m in the rave, it gives me goosebumps sometimes. We come in and play all this minimal, tribal, rolling stuff – the majority of my dubstep set now is Hatched material – and people get it straight away, even if they don’t know that this is what dubstep really is.”

Read the whole feature and check the mix (and tracklisting) below. If you’re not getting the goosebump feels your headphones / speakers need replacing. Salute to Hatcha and Boiler Room.

  • Kloudmen – Untitled
  • Max Mudie & Muel – Dreamer
  • Max Mudie & Muel – Shadow
  • Hatcha vs Max Mudie – Scrabble
  • Noclu – Desert
  • Max Mudie – Island
  • Oktored – Shoes
  • Max Mudie – Bryanstone Road
  • Cato – Roots
  • Max Mudie – Kill Switch
  • Noclu – March of the Elephunks
  • Noclu – March of the Elephunks (Artroniks Remix)
  • Tosti – Dilated
  • Tosti – Blitzkrieg
  • Kloudmen – Shifter
  • Noclu – Sirens
  • Max Mudie – Dusk 
  • Noclu – Tell Dem
  • Kloudmen – Adrenaline VIP
  • Max Mudie – Tempting Rain

Image source: Fabric London