Listen: KOAN Sound, Culprate, Asa & Opiuo – If You Hadn’t

inspected movember 2015

Mo magic from the Inspected crew…

What’s become a tradition for the moustache-loving, fashion-flinging, bass groomers, Movember specials have been a staple sound of the Inspected calendar since 2012 when KOAN Sound, Culprate and Asa invited Gemini over for a one-off collaboration. Since then the three act/four man troupe have enlisted the skills of Reso in 2013, Sorrow in 2014 and now Opiuo.

The New Zealand mid-tempo aficionado hooked up with KOAN Sound, Culprate and Asa during his UK tour earlier this year. The five of them consequently spent several days carving and crafting this blissful number…

KOAN Sound, Culprate, Asa & Opiuo – If You Hadn’t

As with all previous Inspected Movember missions, every penny generated by the track will be donated to one of this century’s most successful male health foundations. Having raised hundreds of millions worldwide last year alone, Movember has caught the world’s attention in a way that few charities could dream of… Which is really impressive considering a lot of our efforts make us look like dodgy teenage criminals in soap operas.

Perhaps this is why KOAN Sound, Culprate and Asa have eschewed mozzas and invested their time and skills in something much more beautiful than an upper lip rug? Who knows… When the music is this good, and the cause is undeniable, we aren’t going to question their facial hair growing ability.

Dig deep and donate what you can. 

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