Listen: Mat Zo – Rejected Album Demos

mat zo

No pun intended; Mat Zo is about to drop something big. Last time we spoke to him he told us he was working on two album projects. It’s clear one of those is near completion… And, amid his current whirlwind of dry observations on Twitter, he’s just teased us with five rejected album demos.

Do not let the word rejected put you off. Fusing dusty old soul samples, heavy dubstep swagger, aggressive metal, funk-addled glitches, pristine synths and honeyed vocals, each of the five cuts show Zo on his A-game and act as an interesting release build-up… If these are the rejected tracks, what will the final project sound like?

Explaining on a further tweet that he wants people to hear how the album has evolved, it’s a unique way of revealing his creative journey… While getting us hyped in the process.

According to his feed the album is set to drop early Feb. Other opinions according to his feed are Facebook users have poles stuck up their arses, people who ask him to make trance (when he still does) should crawl back up where they came from and Avicii is a G for making country music.

Never a dull moment… Follow him and listen here:

Mat Zo – Rejected Album Demos