Listen: Mr Oizo – End Of The World (Feat Skrillex)


Collaborations don’t come much more diverse within electronic music than Mr Oizo and Skrillex.

Or do they?

Both men have a track record in cavorting mainstream success with some pretty wily, far-out sonic exercises. Both men seem happiest going against the grain. As of this week – as Skrillex made his movie debut with Wiwek – both men make movies (although Skrilly has a long way to go until he matches the surreal majesty of Rubber)

And both men have made a flipping awesome track for Mr Oizo’s forthcoming album All Wet. Entitled End Of The World, it’s a left-sided slice of classic breaks, rave anthemia and apocalyptic hype brought together with a fusion of both men’s trippier charms.

“I could spend a month watching Sonny making beats on his laptop,” states Quentin Dupieux, AKA Mr Oizo. “He simply is the best of this new EDM generation. Since I’m the best of the old electro dudes, we had to do this tune together.”

The feeling is clearly mutual…

“If you told the kid Sonny 10 years ago ‘You’d make a track with Mr Oizo in the future’ I wouldn’t believe you,” he states. “Fast forward to today, it’s still surreal to me. Oizo was one of my main influences when I started productions as Skrillex, and being able to sit next to him and absorb his mind was a priceless experience for me.”

Nice. All Wet is out September 30 on Ed Banger. Now absorb this…

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Source: Pitchfork