Listen: Nite School Klik Nest HQ Guestmix


It’s been a bit of a naughty week for mixes…

So far we’ve been treated to a whirling dervish blend from Bensley, a heads down Essential Mix from Hannah Wants, a hands-up festival mix from High Contrast. Plastician has also blown a fair few minds with this daring and frankly honest voiceless broadcast recently.

Now this 45 minute brain melting escapade from DJ Shadow and G Jones under their Nite School Klik alias.

Adding a whole new dimension to their story we told last week – and the outrageously dark Posse and Nice Nightmares which were released the week before on Shadow’s Liquid Amber – this documents exactly where G Jones and Shadow are at musically and how they perform together as selectors.

A forward-thinking adventure that slaps hard in every direction from grime to classic disco via 23rd century bass, it’s also testament to Nest HQ’s on-point deliveries of late. (Our brains have only just recovered from Moody’s Good foggy soundscapes two weeks back!)

No more cross-linking. No more hype. Just press play and make sure you’ve got nothing planned for a few hours after… This really is the nuts.