Listen: Noisia – Old Shit We Never Finished


Keen listeners to Noisia’s weekly radio shows will know that the Groningen Visionaries regularly tease us with tracks and ideas that never made it past the formulation stage.

Ranging from game soundtrack pieces that never were to twisted basslines and grooves that just didn’t quite fit, every week they’ve been shedding light on their creative process and their idea-crammed vaults. As you’d expect from Noisia, they sound sick, exciting and unique even when they’re unfinished… And, like their radio show itself, also shed a neat light on the band’s abilities and musical interests beyond the precision sound we know them for.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Last night the band uploaded 28 of these OSWNF pieces. Ranging from glitchy 80s electrofunk to jazzy house via a haunted house alt rock collaboration with The Upbeats, this is Noisia as you’ve never heard them before…

Noisia – Old Shit We Never Finished