Listen: Noisia Radio Episode 1

noisia radio

Noisia can now add ‘broadcasters’ to their Linkedin profile skills now they’ve delivered their first ever branded radio show Noisia Radio… And it’s highly recommended listening.

Set up as a chance to show more of their palette than their sets or label remit usually allows, the weekly Noisia Radio show comprises a range of blisteringly fresh exclusives, off-piste sounds that have inspired them, stories about how their tracks have developed a life of their own and general applause for fellow peers in the community.

Delivered with the dry Dutch humour the three are known for, the debut episode of Noisia Radio includes the LONG-awaited sounds of their Upbeats co-lab Mouthbreather, their unreleased theme from Counter Strike Global Offensive, an interesting tale of how Banshee became the beast that it is and even a lesson in how to pronounce Posij and where he get his name. (Spoiler: It kind of sounds a bit like ‘pussy’ and it comes from the God of the sea Poseidon).

Closing with the smouldering barbed soul of Sophie Letitre (who you may recognise from her previous work with June Miller), it’s a really interesting listen. While some artist-fronted radio shows are simply a vehicle for the DJ’s already swollen hype wagon, this is what a genuinely good and well thought-out artist-fronted radio show sounds like.

Updated every week, here’s where Noisia Radio lives. Check the full debut show and tracklist below…


Noisia Radio : Tracklist

Noisia & The Upbeats – Mouthbreather [VISION]
Lockjaw – Obsidian [INVISIBLE]
Moody Good – Witness The Fuxness [OWSLA]
Icicle – Neutralize (Joe Ford Remix) [SHOGUN AUDIO]
OZ – Psychosis [CO-LAB]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx [BLACKOUT]
Spectrasoul ft. Joshua Idehen – Kutchi [SHOGUN AUDIO]
[ID] – Uranus [INVISIBLE]
Noisia – CSGO Main Theme [UNRELEASED]
Two Fingers – Adrians Rhythm [DIVISION]
Hybris – My Stars [INVISIBLE]
Posij – Techplant [CRITICAL BINARY]
Noisia – Banshee [VISION]
Phazz – Insomnia [FREE]
Stakka & Skynet – Decoy [UNDERFIRE]
Hypoxia ft Hyqxyz – Suspicious Minds [EATBRAIN]
Current Value – Cotton Punch [INVISIBLE]
Clarity – Parallels [HORIZONS MUSIC]
Kasra & Enei – Inside The Box [CRITICAL]
Sofie Letitre – Slip [DIVISION]