Listen: Plastician – Out Of The Darkness Mix

plastician 2

We’ve already established that this week has been extra special for proper, really well thought out, creative DJ mixes… It’s down to Plastician to add the juiciest cherry on an already overwhelmingly tasty cake with his two hour Out Of The Darkness mix.

Context: The previous week Plastician got honest and frank about how the scene, his position within it and how he has grave misgivings about the way the whole industry focuses exclusively on numbers and stats.

Rather than taking to Twitter and calling out the problem controversially (a la Mat Zo), he let the music to do the talking. Digging deep, Plastician stared into what is clearly a concerning future for him as an artist, turned the lights off and broadcast a deep, explorative, feel-heavy blend which he described as therapy. Props came in thick and fast.

This week on Rinse FM he followed the mix with another voiceless, music-focused adventure. And, just like the Lights Out mix, it’s an immense, detailed document. Poking his selector stick hard into every dark and delicious corner of the beats and bass universe and unearthing whole new future species, Plastician has created yet another beautiful narrative that doesn’t just remind us how healthy and creative our music is right now… But also how flipping tight, forward-thinking and skilled his is as a selector.

The scariest words in his statement last week were these: “There is a real and increasing reality that I might not be doing this for much longer.”

If a man who played such a pivotal role in grime and dubstep, a man who runs a label as forward-thinking and exciting as Terrorhythm, is in this situation, having these thoughts then there’s something seriously wrong with the game right now. Pushing forward and going against expectations will forever be a risk. But to consider quitting is another level. Especially when they’re not just conjuring mixes like this up in the studio, but mixing them live on air.

Plastician: we salute you.