Listen: Savant DJ Mix

savant live

Savant’s just dropped a big one… Currently in the midst of touring and working on various album projects (including the highly anticipated Blanco project) he’s just upped an entire DJ set of his.

While we’re all aware of his prolific productions, not all of us have had the pleasure of seeing him perform live. (He’s only played in the UK once, for instance). Fully aware of his inability to be in every corner of the world at once, he’s delivered a live recording from one of his recent shows… And it’s well worth checking out.

For a man who’s publicly stated he’s much more of a studio head than a performer or DJ, he certainly knows his way around the controls; this mix has everything we love about him and loads more. Heaps of his own productions and VIPs are gelled together dynamically with a spattering of classics (Axel F or Block Rocking Beats anyone?) and acapellas. As with all things Aleks Vinter, it’s 100 per cent honest… Sporadic slip-ups and all.

If you’ve been lucky to catch one of electronic music’s most distinctive and forthright characters live recently or not, this mix is worth adding to your collection… Especially the last half hour where things get really crazy. Enjoy:

Savant DJ Mix 2015

Photo Source: Facebook / NAFT Photography