Listen: Savant – Fire

savant - fire

Just as he forecast in his end of year article, Savant has let rip into 2016 with a new direction and anti-EDM message.

Delivered first thing Jan 1, Savant – Fire marks the start of a new songwriting concept for the Norwegian in LA. Echoing elements of his formative Vinter In Hollywood roots and moombah traces of his recent Blanco work, Fire sees him taking the mic over a much poppier beat than he’s generally been known for in recent years. Complete with a stylish DIY video, it came with a message…

“I did this to show you, that you don`t need 6 writers, 3 producers to create a pop track. And I also did this music video by myself with an iphone and some sheets. Instead of hating on the things I disagree with, I decided to change them. This is how I chose to do it.”

Reactions have been predictably polar with just as many fans supporting his new direction as those who’d rather something wilier and crunchy. Sure, his heavier, glitchier bass-fused Savant material certainly ticks more dancefloor boxes, but that’s missing the point….

What’s most important is that Savant remains an artist who constantly tries new ideas, new statements and constantly progresses. Check the video for Fire below, it’s set to be followed up by another track at the end of the month. For further background on this new direction read his recent UKF article in which he states…

I’ll continue to be the anchor-weight to what’s going on. If everyone is super happy, I’ll be the sad dude. If everyone is sad, I’ll be the happy guy. I’m everything everybody isn’t. That’s how nature made me. Things have to change, you can’t have everyone going in the same direction all the time. Someone has to throw tomatoes, right? There are only a handful of good tomato throwers in EDM… I just want to throw tomatoes at music and not at Twitter.

Here’s Savant – Fire. And if you fancy throwing tomatoes at him, do it with a remix… He’s uploaded his vocal acapella on Soundcloud strictly for your own creative purposes.

Savant – Fire