Listen: Savant – Invasion


Let’s face it, Savant is so prolific and hyper active we could write a story about him on the weekly regular (and sometimes do) This weekend alone the artist – who’s released three albums since we launched this site last March – announced on Facebook his next album will be a Hans Zimmer-inspired orchestral work.

Meanwhile Deadmau5 made this forecast on Twitter…


deadmau5 savant1


This ‘pure skill’ deadmau5 describes is more than evident in his 12th artist album Savant – Invasion. Released today (and given away track-by-track throughout the last few weeks) it’s the LA-based artist at his most carefree and creative. Just over a month ago he gave us a heads up saying Invasion will be “a freedom album with the emphasis on fun.” And that “it’s about the tracks, not the journey.”

Each track is a journey in itself… From the vocal D&B jam Broken to the insane tempo-tearing Change, the man’s donned his Vario visor and hurtled through pretty much every genre without a care for trends or current hype. Elsewhere amidst the whirling dervish of dancefloor delights he flings us deep into disco territory (Innocence), classic lazer-reaching trance (1997) and butt-shifting glitch-ridden house (Basement) and pummeling IDM (Desperado) and a breakbeat acid jam that gives The Prodigy a run for their money (Massacre).

If you know Savant you’ll already be well aware of this project (and how broad and unruly it is) If not, get on board now. Pure skill indeed. But don’t take our word or deadmau5’s word. Listen yourself…

Invasion is available on Bandcamp for a price you see fit for the next two weeks before it makes its way to iTunes and Spotify. Get stuck in.