Listen: Savant – Kali 47 VIP

savant - kali 47

Savant is in the midst of another whirlwind creative frenzy. Then again, when isn’t he?

As listed on his Facebook last night, he’s half way through an orchestral album and over half way through a pop album (Vex). He’s also deep into two other alias projects: the physical, tribal-minded Blanco and Ronin, a multi-musician project with rapper Gino Sydal.

In case that’s not quite enough, he’s also considering a VIP project that addresses some of his ten thousand strong repertoire and brings them kicking and screaming into the future. Explaining on Facebook that he hasn’t really started this project in earnest yet as he “hates listening and working on old songs”, one particular VIP that’s arisen lately is this particularly funky twist on Kali 47. A track that’s close to our hearts as we featured Mike Diva’s absurd video, he’s added some cheeky edits and a funky Troutman talkbox vibe peppered throughout.

According to his track description, Savant – Kali 47 VIP was actually intended for the video and that “it has some punch”… You’re telling us! Watch out for more Savant newness very very soon…

Savant – Kali 47 VIP

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