Listen: Savant – Up In Smoke

savant up in smoke

Knowing how rapid Savant’s creative process is, when we saw he’d posted a new track yesterday we thought it might be the first real sign of his next – and 12th – studio album VEX.

It isn’t. But that doesn’t matter… It’s still sick, has a potty-mothed drop and comes with a little enlightenment on some rather weird scholarly LOLs in Savant’s native stomping ground Norway: Russ tracks.

Russefeiring: To celebrate completing their high school studies, groups of graduates will buy a bus, pimp the dickens out of it to create the ultimate party on wheels and, as their theme tune, commission a track from a well known artist (Skrillex has done one in the past).

These crews will then spend three to four weeks celebrating in their vehicles, traditionally wearing coloured clothes and, most likely, causing disturbances in city centres until Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17.

From a UK perspective, it all sounds a bit weird and smacks of over-privileged frat boy behaviour. That said, it’s got its benefits: russ tracks have helped to bankroll Savant during his early years… To the point he now represents with a russ track once a year as a tradition. (There’s a few more below)

If you’re a Norwegian graduate who wants to explain more about it, there’s a comment box below, please do your thing. And if you’re a member of Up In Smoke this year – high five. You’ve got an awesome theme tune.

Final high five (literally) goes to Savant himself. Check the track duration. Nice touch.

Some older Savant russ tracks: