Listen to Madeon’s Soundcloud tracks while you can!


If you enjoy Madeon’s healthy repertoire on Soundcloud, you best get stuck in while you can… According to the man himself, you only have a few days left to enjoy them on this particular platform.

Taking to Twitter yesterday afternoon, Madeon applied an articulated critique of Sony’s current fall-out with Soundcloud and how it will affect him. Following the removal of content from Sony’s big ticket artists such as Adele and Hozier earlier this month, Madeon believes he’s next in what could potentially be a long line of Sony artists who are having their content removed through no choice of their own.

Obviously his music will remain on other streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube but it’s still a blow for Madeon and those of us who enjoy Soundcloud’s functions on a daily basis. His Twitter messages say it best…

Enjoy Madeon’s Soundcloud account while you can

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