London Mayor responds to Fabric petition


At time of writing, over 93,000 have signed Jacob Husley’s petition to save London’s iconic venue and business Fabric.

The response throughout the last week has been incredible. DJs from every corner of the dance have shared the petition, their thoughts, favourite Fabric memories and passion for the 16 year old institution.

Yesterday, Monday August 29, London’s mayor Sadiq Khan directly and publicly responded to the petition stating that “we all need to work together to ensure London thrives as a 24-hour city, in a way that is safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

While he acknowledges that “City Hall does not have the power to intervene in licensing cases like the current situation with Fabric,” he does continue to discuss the importance of both cooperation and Fabric’s role in London’s nighttime economy.

Fabric, the Metropolitan Police and Islington will of course have to take real action to protect the safety of everyone who enjoys a night out at the club.

My team have spoken to all involved in the current situation and I am urging them to find a common sense solution that ensures the club remains open while protecting the safety of those who want to enjoy London’s clubbing scene.

I welcome your call for us all to work together – City Hall, London’s music venues, local authorities, the police and others – to make our clubs safer while also protecting our night time economy.

The full response can be read here. While the tone appears ostensibly supportive it must be noted that Sadiq also includes a recent Islington Gazette article that contains questionable statements with little or no fact to back them up such as “80 per cent of clubgoers on a particular night ‘appeared to be under the influence of drugs’, that the venue provides “a safe haven for the supply and consumption of illegal drugs”

While not speaking on behalf of the venue, Fabric’s ex-promotions manager Shaun Roberts has rightly pointed out the inaccuracy of the source Sadiq has used.

While it is encouraging that Sadiq has directly responded to the successful (and still active) petition. The use of articles such as the biased, unsubstantiated and fearmongering one in the Islington Gazette is a concern. Shaun’s personal post is supported by many peers and professionals.

The petition remains open and will benefit from as many signatures and articulated responses as possible. Few UK businesses celebrate and accelerate electronic music culture at the level of Fabric, its closure would be a huge blow to our music worldwide… And it wouldn’t have any impact whatsoever on the drug issue that has triggered this to begin with. #SaveFabric

Photo Credit: Katy Blackwood / Wiki Commons