It looks like that Skrillex & Incubus collaboration is definitely happening….

Skrillex has never strayed too far away from his rock roots with boundary-breaking, genre-stomping collaborations such as Korn and The Doors. This year is no exception, if anything he’s going in even stronger…  Last month he reunited and performed with his band From First To Last now this week we’ve had visual confirmation that an Incubus collaboration is definitely happening.

Word started spreading of this titanic meeting a few weeks ago when KROQ Music Director Lisa Worden confirmed details, namechecking Skrillex, in an interview on Now we have full confirmation from the very top as Incubus singer Mike Einziger posted this on Instagram…

Nothing cool is happening right now…nothing at all. @brandonboyd @djkilmore @skrillex

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Nothing cool at all… yeah.

All will be revealed when the album, simply entitled 8, drops on April 21.

Before that both acts are set to perform at Zedd’s massive ACLU benefit concert, April 3 at LA’s Staples Centre on April 3. Who knows, perhaps we might see a live collaboration? Either way we’re excited to hear how this goes down…


H/T: YourEDM