Malux Signs To Get Hype

Malux started off as a drum & bass side project for Alex Chambers. It’s now become his most successful project to date.

Also operating as glitch-riddled Inspected affiliate Skope, this year Malux has been Alex’s full focus with tracks appearing on some of the most respected labels in the genre: Invisible, Eatbrain, C4C, Program and The Prototypes’ Get Hype. First appearing on the label in the summer with Time Crime / Hyperlaced, he’s now back on the label with two massive remixes and an official label deal.

“We are incredibly excited to finally announce that we’ve signed Malux to Get Hype,” The Prototypes tell us. “He is without doubt one of the most talented new producers in the scene and his forthcoming music is gonna kick open the doors for him & the label in 2018…You have been warned.”

These warnings have been fired at the highest level as Malux, Crissy Criss and Erb N Dub’s remix of The Prototypes’ Rocket Guns Blazin’ has been on dub and in high demand for most the year, regularly used by Andy C as his intro. That’s out next Friday, December 15. But first, his remix of The Prototypes massive Levelz drops today.

Taking the original’s white knuckle peaktime dynamics and repurposing them with his now signature twisted, toxic distorted funk, Malux takes Levelz to dark new places, setting us for first full label EP that’s expected in February 2018. As the ink still dries on his Get Hype contract, we asked Malux a few questions to find out more…

Busy year?

Pretty mad to be honest. Malux started as a side project but now takes up most of my time! Which is great. I’ve been travelling around and playing drum and bass pretty solidly this year and it’s been great meeting everyone involved in the scene which I now feel a part of.

And now things are serious with Get Hype. This all started around Time Crime / Hyperlaced, right?

Yeah, I think we had worked on the remix for Rockets Guns Blazing first but I got chatting to Nick and Chris more through the single.

You’ve worked with some sick labels this year. What was it about Get Hype that sealed the label signing deal?

I’ve spread myself out quite a bit with labels and it’s been great being able to release with a lot of my favourites. But I want to slow the pace and keep my output more focused now. It really helped meeting them in person and talking ideas and visions as well. Most of the time it’s all emails which I’m pretty rubbish with, so it’s nice being able to get on the phone or meet up whenever. Also, it makes a big difference when there are good label nights to play at!

The remix of Rocket Guns Blazin by yourself, Crissy and Erb N Dub is an absolute monster. Was that easy to do or a challenge as the original was such a beast too?

Thanks! It always flows pretty well in the studio with Erb and Criss. And the original was great to work with. We ended up with lots of ideas we liked with that one, which is why you hear so many different sections in the drop.

And now we have your Levelz remix. Either you’re a glutton for punishment or The Prototypes parts are ripe for the dark art of remix craft…

A bit of both! When they sent me the original I really liked the main bass riff so instantly began working on my own version of it. My normal remixes are made from chops of the original amongst my own basses etc  but for this one I wanted to rewrite the riff in my own way to keep thing interesting.

What happens next?

EP incoming!

Finally, Christmas is on the horizon and it wouldn’t harm your freshman position on the label to sweeten your new bosses with a present or two. What do Chris and Nick deserve under the tree?

Form my experience with them so far, new music seems to get them the most excited!

Expect a full Malux EP on Get Hype in February 2018.

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