Mash Up Your Own Skrillex Video

skrillex mash up

A few weeks ago Skrillex treated us to Doompy Poomp, one of his best videos to date (if not the best)

Created by French directors Fleur & Manu, it’s a madcap, loop-wise farce that played on the classic Groundhog Day movie concept and complemented Skrillex’s out-there beats. Here it is again for good measure:

At the time the Creators Project hinted that something cool was about to follow. And they’ve just lived up to that promise with this addictive, time-sapping interactive tool that allows you to create your own narrative. Configuring gifs and loops to each key on your computer (including various FX on the number keys) the creative combinations are unlimited. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with each gif you can restart and record the whole thing as your own creation.

It’s a Friday… If there’s a more novel way to pass the time until the weekend finally lands, we’ve yet to find it.

Get Mashing!

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