Megalodon Celebrates Shark Week With A Slew Of Free Beats

megalodon shark week

This Sunday marks the start of Discovery’s Shark Week. So, in what’s becomming an annual tradition, Megalodon is giving away a whole bunch of tracks and mixes every day throughout the whole week.

“Well I think it’s safe to say sharks do get a rather bad reputation as mindless killers,” says Megalodon, real name Lodon. “Though they are actually highly advanced and evolved creatures that have lived thru many extinctions. We still know little about them so public awareness is the first step of understanding and preserving these amazing creatures.”

Public awareness and sick bass tracks. We’ve seen the list of freebies he has in store and if anything can help raise shark awareness and empathy, it’s these. We’re not allowed to list everything. But, we can exclusively reveal, one of the major freebies this week will be the loooong awaited 50 Carrot collabo Blocka…

“Well for many reasons, releasing the track was a no go,” states Megalodon, real name Mega. “It’s technically a remix of a Pusha T track. 50 and I made it together just kind of messing around. We didn’t realize how much hype it would get so obviously a free release was needed.”

As for the rest of the giveaways, he explains how some tracks have been  sitting around on his hardrive waiting to see the light of day while others a certified fan favourites which he’s been chomping at the bit to release for a long time.

One thing is for sure, keep those jaws or yours locked onto Megalodon’s Facebook throughout next week… And snap the beats up fast. Following Shark Week, the LA-based artist is working on releases that we can expect towards the end of the year / early 2016. In the meantime, he’s left us with a cool shark fact.

“I’d have to say my favourite fact about sharks is their highly sensitive sensory system,” he explains. “It’s capable of picking up electric signals produced by other animals and is called the ampullae of lorenzini. It’s always fascinated me. Imagine being able to sense other animals electrical signals sent from the brain to other parts of the body!”

Sick beats and interesting shark facts. Megalodon just keeps on giving. Keep him locked.