MethLab release limited album Borrowed Time to raise awareness of deforestation

Audeka, Balatron, IHR, Rawtekk, Skylark, NoClu & CoMa and more contribute to Borrowed Time, a limited-release V/A compilation curated by MethLab to help contribute to Cool Earth, the David Attenborough-approved organisation committed to halting deforestation.

The album will be available until September 26 and 100% of the proceeds will go direct to Cool Earth.

“While it might be a drop in the ocean, we feel that it’s important to make any gesture possible in support of this cause, as its one that affects us all,” state the label whose album lands in the midst of weeks of tragic footage from Brazil where record numbers of fires in the Amazon have been recorded this year.

“As such, we present a 12 track musical journey on behalf of the artists and our record label, with the track names and order having some significance in terms of the plight, and necessary sacrifices that must be made to change this situation, and the liberation and strengthening of us as inhabitants of this planet—we are guests on this world, and as the apex animals, we have a duty to be caretakers, not to destroy it in the name of greed and temporary meaningless profit.”

The album was launched last week with an animated video created by Dutch visual artist Sem Shimla that displays the rates of deforestation across the world utilising World Bank data.

Borrowed Time // Worldwide Forestation Data from MethLab on Vimeo.

Set to the fittingly bleak soundtrack of Audeka & Rawtek’s Dark Energy, one of 12 tracks on the album, the data reveals a trend of higher levels of deforestation in areas with lower income.

“They are destroying their world’s most valuable resource due to the necessity of their people to work and survive in combination with the corporations that enter countries to strip them of their wealth in terms of resources,” MethLab explain. “Palm oil production, logging, cattle farming, cocaine production, soy farming. Agribusiness is responsible for about 80% logging—20%. Other crops are cotton, tropical fruits like pineapples and rubber. In central Africa charcoal production or small level slash and burn farms are quite significant. Finally, mining oil, and building dams—all are contributing to the destruction of ecosystems that have taken up to 33 million years to evolve.”

In the last forty years we’ve lost half the world’s rainforest and while these practices have been in place and part of industry for many generations now, they need to change immediately before it’s too late for all of us. Cool Earth are committed to helping this happen with myriad projects working with local communities in at-risk areas, providing them with funds to redevelop infrastructures so inhabitants earn more from allowing the forests to live rather than slashing and burning land to create income. Every penny donated to Borrowed Time will go towards this too.

You can stream the album here and pay what you wish for the full download on the MethLab Bandcamp page. Dig deep if you can.

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