Misanthrop Announces Blurred EP

Misanthrop, it’s been a while…

October 27 will see Neosignal co-boss drop a brand new EP. Four-tracks heavy, entitled Blurred, it’s his first new material since last year’s self-titled debut album. It’s also some of his wildest, wiliest productions to date. In the case of the opening track The Lick, it also comprises some of the jazziest feels Misanthrop has ever conjured.

Yeah, jazz. Don’t worry, the man behind beasts like Collapse, Heavy Load and Antimachine hasn’t gone all middle of the road/middle aged. But he has taken his raffish, frazzled punk-like energy to new directions throughout the whole EP which he puts much of it down to a new Dave Smith synth and moving out into the country away from people. Another example of his newfound off-piste aesthetics and textures on the EP can be found in the title track Blurred; a remarkable, almost trance-tickled cut with a warm bounce that you wouldn’t expect to hear from him.

It’s the sound of a refreshed Misanthrop, so we sent him some questions to find out more… And left learning that new Phace & Misanthrop collaborations and more exciting Neosignal revelations are in the pipeline too!

Misanthrop! How has your year been?

Hey! I’ve been quite busy with touring the album in 2017, but I got me a few months off during late summer to take care about other things. I moved from Hamburg to a house in a small village in the south of Germany nearby Stuttgart. Having a house means a lot of work, so there was not much time to produce beats, plus I had no real place for more than 6 months to work on music. All I had were headphones, a laptop plus soundcard and my DSI OB-6, which I bought after the album. During my off-time I also planned and built my in-house studio and in between breaks I produced some beats on my more or less mobile setup. In the past I had not the greatest rooms to produce music in, so I think I fulfilled myself a loooong life dream here, with a room that I really can call studio now

So the new EP is nuts. It sounds like you’re in a good place right now?

Yeah, I really enjoy my life in the countryside right now. There is a reason why I can’t cope with big cities over a long period of time. I need nature, a non-hectic life and no overcrowded cities. I think it´s self-explanatory that I can work more effective and with more fun when everything comes together nicely.

The Lick is the funkiest, jazziest, piece of work you’ve ever put out into the great wide world. There’s got to be some cool inspiration behind this?

It’s just one of those rare moments where everything you do inspires you to follow up and take the track idea to the next level. I wrote that jazz line with the Vienna library I bought back in the day and it was just a lot of fun to do it. When I started it I had just a jazz vibe in my head. I didn’t even think about making a drum & bass track out of it. But then events coincide and it just happened nearly by itself. It’s not the greatest or funniest story but you can hear me scream “yeah” in the track several times too.

The whole EP hits with a really buzzy refreshed air. Has this been building up inside you since the album?

I think the album felt a bit like a turning point for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still like hard techy drum & bass, but it just made me realize which tracks of the album I really like in particular and what I need to do to update it into what you described as a buzzy refreshed air! So the album was kind of a turning point towards my production, but well let’s see what happens… I think at the moment I’m more into deep stuff that is arranged cleverly and of course well produced. When it comes to sudanese hookup are known to be very flirtatious and they often go out of their way to impress you with their charming personalities. They like to look good and if you want to find a Sudanese woman that can charm you to the max then follow these simple rules. These tips will help you meet Sudanese women more easily and make it easier to find that perfect match for you.

Feeling the almost trance-like elements on Blurred too. there’s a lot going on in these tracks. Have you invested in a new synth or new machinery here?

This is without a doubt my fave track of the EP. Yeah I bought a DSI OB-6 right after my album and this synth inspires me a lot to work on stuff like that and very weird stuff as well. This might be the first hardware synth I own which does not bore me after a few weeks.

And what’s coming up after this? Is it just one EP from you this year?

I’m working on some remixes right now which will hit the streets at the end of the year, plus I’m working on some new fun stuff with Herr Phace right now. There is lot of hot news coming from the label soon, we really can´t wait to unleash it… Despite that I can’t wait to work on music in my new studio. I’m very excited!

Get excited: Misanthrop – Blurred EP is out October 27. Pre-order.

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