Misanthrop Announces New Album – Analog

Misanthrop will release his second album on November 8.

Entitled Analog, it lands exactly three years after his self-titled debut LP, comprises 11 instrumental tracks with no collaborations or features and will reveal an entirely different side to the Neosignal co-bossman.

More musical and introspective than anything the southwest German producer has released before, Analog taps into some of Misanthrop’s deepest roots with strong shades of techno, electronica and experimentalism weaved into his drum & bass. Loaded with more surprises than a mystery box convention and laced with a consistency that grabs you by the short and curlies and refuses to let you go until the final echo; Analog takes everything you think you know about the producer who is and flips them in a way you’d least expect.

With singles dropping each fortnight until November 8, you’ll start hearing this for yourself very soon. It starts on October 3 with Deus. Here’s what we know so far…

This feels like the album that’s been brewing in you forever. Almost like a second debut album.

Thank you very much, I’m glad to hear it sounds like that. It took a lot of ups and downs to finish the album. When you’re producing drum & bass and DJing it every weekend you hear the influences going around on the dancefloor, like the hard stuff, like the fog horns. You question yourself: is it right to do the total opposite to what’s expected of you? But I try to be true to myself and writing a musical album was what I wanted to do with Analog.

Is it rude to say this is a very German album? I can hear your countrymen deep in the mix. The sounds that made you. Huntemann, Bodzin, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream. Is that fair to say?

It is! You’ve just listed all the music I listen to every day. I get inspiration from a lot of music beyond drum & bass. Techno, minimal techno, old electronica, krautrock. I wanted to channel all of that into this album.

That suggests the title Analog

In a way. I think a lot of people will think I mean analog in a traditional way and perhaps ask me what machines I’ve used to write it. Have I recorded it the old way? Have I been faithful to the original machines? But no. Analog to me means imperfections. The word also has a warm feeling for me. It felt like the right title.

Imperfections are human

Totally. And that’s why I started every track with melodies. I didn’t focus on drum loops or working snares for weeks. Just sitting on the piano, writing melodies and chord changes and composition.

Remind me, do you have a musical background?

Just playing guitar back in the day, but I’m no musician. I know chords but anyone with a diagram of the circle of fifths can write melodies. You can write a melody even if you have no idea of any music theory. It means you do things that, in other musical schoolings, you’d feel you’re not supposed to do. I wish I’d done this right from the start in a way.

When I first heard the album I wondered if you were mellowing with age but I’ve come to think you’ve just articulated the heaviness in a different way. It’s still very tense and heavy just the anger is being channelled in a different way…

I just let it go. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved to the countryside? I don’t know. The main thing is I wanted to have real melodic music and great arrangements. I wanted to see if I could make an album that I could personally listen through and say ‘that was a journey’. It brought me to somewhere.

And it does so in an intense short space of time. Punchy tracks. 45 minutes long. Bang…

That’s what I wanted to do. I could have made those tracks seven or eight minutes long, but sometimes shorter tracks tells a better story. They all felt at the right length for me.

The last track Non Stop. I’d never have guessed that was you. It kinda leave us hanging with a ‘what’s next?’ vibe…

I’m leaving myself hanging there too! I don’t know where I’m going. I have to find a new way to express myself. The first album was very aggressive and very dancefloor, which is fine, but I don’t want to do that again. I never want to repeat myself, I always want to do new things. I just want to experiment as much as I can and I have no idea how that will manifest next time.

That’s awesome. This is turning point moment.

It is. Every album should be, but I’m particularly excited to get this out. I sent it to a few friends, obviously Flo and Noisia, Mefjus, The Upbeats. Their reactions were very surprised and supportive. I thought they’d be like ‘oh this is cool – can’t play it out, but nice’. But all those guys were like ‘ooookay this is different. This sounds grown up’.

You’re all grown up now. Finally.

Haha! I’m just happy the message I wanted to give out has come through. I can’t wait to let it go into the world…

Misanthrop – Analog is out November 8

Deus is out October 3 Pre-order

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