Moody Good has dropped two life-affirming bangers in the last two days…

Moody Good’s noxious melting pot is bubbling over once again….

In the last two days he’s been involved in two of the most categorically disgusting free downloads to hit the internets this week: Moody Killerz (a co-lab with the Teddy Killerz) and Super Lager (a co-lab with a random angry-pissed Scottish guy on a bus)

Hot on the heels of his recent 1.21 gigawatt remix of Noisia’s Get Deaded and his on-going, mind-melting Music To Go Fuck Yourself To operettas, Moody Killerz and Super Lager are his first single track productions since last year’s beautiful ode to Bitcoin OG Satoshi Nakamoto. Both smacking with that brittle, bruising broken glass audio signature we fell in love with him for all those years ago, we suspect (read: hope and pray) that they mark the start of a new slew of material from the beast born Eddie Jefferys.

Here’s Super Lager. Keep listening right to the end for the punchline. Then keeping watching UKF Dubstep next week….