NCT to release debut album: Astrophysical

Liquicity duo NCT will release their debut album next year.

Entitled Astrophysical the album comprises 10 tracks, including collaborations with The Outsiders and Futurebound. It launches November 22 with the album title track single and will roll out with monthly tracks until its full release on February 21.

Almost two years in the making, Astrophysical is the Dutch act’s most ambitious to date with a broad sonic range that builds on the body of work they’ve developed on Liquicity. Like all the best debut albums it comes from a deep personal place, as NCT’s producer Jeroen Nai Chung Tong explains.

Eight years after your debut release… The debut album. When did you start writing it?

It’s been quite the journey! I think it was about one and a half to two years ago that I really decided I wanted to write this album. It started with a couple of sketches that resonated with my personal emotions very strongly, that’s when I felt like I finally had enough to write an album about, I wanted each song to have this level of personal emotion and personal energy. So that became the concept of the album.

This sounds emotional!

I’m gonna sound a bit hippy right here but; it’s all about spreading love and good vibes. We really hope these songs will resonate with the listeners on another level, something they can connect with/ relate to and will make their rough days a little easier to bear and the good days a bit more joyful. Also this album me made me rethink the way I had previously approached a lot of my productions, I wrote more from the heart.

What’s the story behind the title Astrophysical?

So the concept was to have 10 songs that all came straight from the heart, songs that come from a very personal place. However, Astrophysical does connect everything nicely I think, it was one of the songs that came out last and kind of showed myself how I had progressed from a fairly sad point in my life to the best place I had ever been in.

Beautiful. We’ve only heard a cheeky sampler so far and they cover a broad range. Is this what we can expect from the album?

Yes, I really tried letting go of what I “wanted to write” and instead just allowed it to happen as naturally as I could. I think the album does really have the sound that we’ve been known for on Liquicity, but it definitely crosses some borders that we hadn’t explored yet. We’re looking forward to future projects where we can continue to experiment further, for example we have enjoyed  trying 4×4 rhythms at a drum & bass tempo.

Oh gosh! We know about collaborations with The Outsiders and Futurebound so far. Can we expect more collaborations and features?

Definitely, the album is full of collaborations with great musicians. This is something I learned about myself during the writing process; I strongly prefer to write with other people. It’s just awesome to see what comes out of collaborations with people you admire for their musical craft and taste. Especially musicians that aren’t from the drum & bass scene, or any electronic music scene for that matter. I will be doing this a lot more in the future.

Awesome. What else have you learnt during this?

I really felt like taking my time for the writing process with all the songs, they’ve all gone through so many versions, all eventually reaching their final form, there isn’t a single track that I feel like I could have done more on. It took away the urge of wanting to release stuff quickly after a song has been written, this meant the songs stayed with me and grew with me as I went through life.

What’s been the most fulfilling thing about the process that you didn’t expect?

That I already want to start writing the next album! This journey was honestly so great, I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want to do in music, I can’t wait to reinvent and go through the growing process again.

NCT – Astrophysical is out November 22 on Liquicity.

The full album will drop February 2020

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