Neonlight announce debut album: My Galactic Tale on Blackout Music


Two and a half years in the making, the product a five page sci-fi novel, many lessons learnt in the studio, countless trips to their local Syrian restaurant and a killer free download – Microbots… Neonlight are finally ready to reveal their debut album: My Galactic Tale.

Immersive, expansive and rich in shades, weight and narrative detail; if it all sounds a little like a concept album to you, you’d be right…

“That’s right!” says Jakob. “We literally wrote a five-page long story for this album! We always have images running through our heads while creating sounds and we really love to work this way. It helps us to keep a red thread throughout a project.My Galactic Tale is a tale about a hero, a villain, starships, a catastrophe and an escape… Our Sidus EP from 2014 is also a part of this entire world. We hope that people will hear and “see” this world as we do.”

Set for release on May 6 via Blackout Music, My Galactic Tale is the latest view into their unique post apocalyptic world. Comprising 16 tracks that represent the German duo’s broadest range, it contains all the dynamics you’d expect from them including hard-hitting orchestral elements and full focus on the place we all fell in love with them in the first place: the dancefloor.

“The album has a progression from “light” to “dark” or in other words from “everything is alright” to “Oops! There is something really wrong here”,” laughs Tobi. “Our aim was that you can hear this within the music without knowing too much about the background story. It is like a soundtrack. Without a connecting theme it would be just a bunch of songs.”

“Orchestral instruments are the best to express things in an original way,” develops Jakob. “Basically most of the big blockbuster soundtracks use a classical orchestral setup. We wanted the album starting with a big and epic intro, so it was the only logical way to use this sound environment. But I guess we did not over-egg the pudding, so most of the album tracks will be more than effective on the dancefloor.”

Not getting too carried away with the concept and rather using it as a creative trigger point for their floor-firing productions, Tobi and Jakob have created something special. And to get a taste you can download Microbots for free right here!

Following this download, a sampler featuring the tracks Triple B and Bad Omen will land on April 1 before the album drops May 6. For Tobi and Jakob the releases can’t come soon enough…

“We put all our energy, passion and heart to this album,” says Tobi. “We had so much fun working on this project, so many ideas that had to be sorted. This is the sound Neonlight stands for.  We are happy that we finally nailed it and we also cannot wait to share it with the people out there. Exciting times!”

Exciting times indeed. Download Microbots now.
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