NERD HEAVEN: Aphex Twin’s full demo dump

aphex twin logo

These last two weeks have been almost impossible to commandeer without hearing the words Aphex Twin, unreleased demos or User48736353001 as Richard D James has assaulted the internet with a whole hosted of free downloadable constructions from his vaults.

With more tracks, sketches and ideas being uploaded to this account on an almost daily basis, it’s been hard to keep up to date.

Until now: A team of fastidious fans have compiled every demo on a Google document. Not only does it list each track and a direct link, it also includes notes on relation to existing releases, any early appearances it may have had, what equipment may have been used, any public information and length.

Not only that, the document has pages that lists his entire discography and kit list!

Whether you’ve been locked into his unique, often headmelting productions since Selected Ambient Works or last year’s Syro (his first album in 13 years) or somewhere in between, this is an immense and incredible detailed resource that’s well worth investigating.

According to FACT, rumour has it the list has been created by We Are The Music Makers. High fives to all involved.

Explore the whole document here.