Nero have just updated one of their biggest tunes of all time: Innocence


Nero have never been one for big fanfares or shouty announcements but this week’s activities have gone even more under-radar than usual. Following the awesome 90BPM slo-mo sci-fi stomper Dreams with ZHU two weeks ago, Nero have dropped their first two new solo originals since 2015’s album Between II Worlds.

Uploaded on 28/08 and entitled 2808 (a number all fans should be familiar with since their legendary dubstep symphony six years ago) it features a clip of a track entitled Bladerunner 2049 (Demo) and a full 4/4 technoid twist of Innocence.

Originally released late 2009 and one of the tunes that changed the game for the London trio, Innocence remains one of their biggest tunes to date and an essential highlight if you ever see them live. Now with a whole new thundering synth bassline and recontextualised energy, Innocence (Reopened) takes an already timeless anthem and officially blasts it into the future.

In case you missed the subtle dispatch earlier this week, here are both tracks now. We’ll keep you posted on further details…