Nero members Dan & Alana announce new project: The Night


Are UK trio Nero in the process of splitting up?

Here’s what we know so far…

Last summer Nero-member Joseph Ray delivered his first solo release with Meli entitled Inside and, as Mixmag reported last month, has spent a lot of his time in Haiti working, teaching and collaborating with local musicians.

Then, on Thursday March 9 around 6pm UK time, the band posted the illusive image from band members Dan and Alana, who are married and recently had a baby. It states “for the past decade you’ve stood by our side as Nero. It’s now time for a different story.”

The Night was first mentioned by Dan in an interview with Fabric last year when he stated: “We felt like we needed a bit of time away from the group after the second album. We each had some ideas for side projects. Alana and I have been working together on a project called The Night. It’s hard to define genre-wise but it’s definitely a very different vibe from Nero. There’s an R&B kind of vibe to some of it and slight elements of future bass. A lot of it sits at the 90 – 110 BPM mark. We’ve got an album’s worth of material in varying stages of completion, and we can’t wait for people to hear it. The first single on our EP is called Different Story and it’s dropping this month.”

While new EP has yet to be released, it does seem like it’s about to drop imminently. No label has been revealed, but the artwork does look uncannily similar to that of the Pylot artwork on Monstercat. None of the band were available to comment at this time but while Nero are clearly on an extended hiatus it’s worth acknowledging that in the same Fabric interview Dan also states: “It’s actually really nice to be writing all the time but having different things to focus on. It feels like the new Nero stuff is really strong as a result.”

Perhaps not splitting up, but definitely evolving. Let’s see what The Night brings…

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