Nero reveal Between II Worlds: album title, release date and brand new track!

nero between two worlds

As if the fact that it’s a Friday isn’t quite enough… Nero have just dropped a brand new track and confirmed full album details.

Typical out-of-the-blue business for the London trio, earlier this afternoon they posted Nero – Between II Worlds, the track which their long-awaited second album will be named after, along with the release date (August 28) and pre-order details. It’s looking like the album will be 12 tracks deep complete with last year’s smash Satisfy, The Thrill and this epic slice of reflective, widescreen cinematica…

A brave new adventure: Nero – Between II Worlds owes as much to the likes of Depeche Mode as it does contemporary bass music. We wholeheartedly approve and can’t wait to hear more. Pre-order it now and grab both Satisfy and this for free now.